This project was born out of a university project. It uses Vue, Apollo and apollo server. - The screening chatbot

June 10, 2019
June 10, 2019
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This project was started as a university project where the goal was to create a small chat bot, who could initally screen candidates for a job position.

You can checkout the control panel here or try an interview here.

You can see the sources on Github:

Technology used - technology

As frontend technology we used a client site rendered Vue app with the component library vuetify. This was choosen since I am already familiar with Vue and the basic framework is simple enough so that other team members could learn something new in the short amount of time that we had. Since I did not want to design every component myself I choose the component library vuetify. This enabled a fast development in the frontend.

For the communication with the server graphQL was choosen. This choice was simply made out of curiosity. I heard many things it and wanted to try it myself on a real project. To simplify the development I choose apollo as the frontend graphQL client.

Since we wanted to implement a chatbot where the questions are calculated on the server and send back to the client in real time, we choose as a solution for that problem.

On the server side we used a node server that was running apollo server. This was working beautifully with our apollo client in the frontend.

As the database we used prisma. This is a ORM with a graphQL API.


Sice we did not expect a lot of people creating Interviews but a lot of people taking thos interviews we wanted a way to scale both of the parts of our app differently. This is why we have two backends. One for managing the interviews and users and one for taking the interviews. The architecture is show in this diagram: - architecture diagram

Open for offers

Looking for a Developer? Contact me through my website and I will get back to you as soon as possible.